Daniele Catalli e Lucio Villani - 24 SENZA TESTA

Daniele Catalli e Lucio Villani - 24 SENZA TESTA

30 EUR
25 x 17.5 cm
54 pages
ed. 250 copies
2 colours risoprint on 120 gr. Munchen White, screenprinted cover on 300gr Paudice Nereo cardboard, red lens eyeglass.

Daniele Catalli and Lucio Villani and are two illustrators who started collaborating in the late Nineties when they founded the illustration magazine Krakatoa.
24 Senza Testa (24 headless) is their first project completed together. Daniele created the drawings and Lucio wrote
the verses that narrate the stories of 24 characters who share the same tragic destiny: they were all decapitated. Many of them are related to the royal families of France, England and Italy (Mary Stuart, Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoniette, Louis XVI, Beatrice Cenci, Corrado V).
Others are revolutionaries (Robespierre, Danton, Orsini), saints (Saint John the Baptist, Saint Barbara), warlords
(Walter Raleigh, Francesco Bussone), or heretics (Pietro Carnesecchi).
The illustrations may be seen with and without the red lens eyeglass. Through the lens the bichromy (red and blue) of the images disappear and the elimination of the red lines brings out new figures and scenarios. The heads of the characters disappear first. Out of the blue (literally)
symbols appear relating to the lives of the personalities like the motto (en ma fin git mon commencement) of Mary
Stuart, the drawing of Utopia (Thomas More) , and the rose (Catherine Howard).
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