Elisa Talentino - LE JARDIN D’HIVER

Elisa Talentino - LE JARDIN D’HIVER

40 EUR
22 x 18 cm (180 cm wide open)
10 pages
ed. 250 copies
8 colours screenprint on 285 gr Fedrigoni Woodstock

The winter garden is a place where plants continue to bloom even when it is freezing outside, it is a reclining cocoon where there is space for the contemplation
of beauty torn to the rigors of time.
It is the shelter where the charm of the bloom is not ephemeral and the hours run according to unknown laws. The illustrations featured in the exhibition and within PrintAboutMe’s limited edition hand printed book are freely inspired by the seventh chapter of “Hopscotch”, a
masterpiece by Julio Cortázar, an Argentine writer, poet and literary critic.
As in a winter garden, and seemingly to the plot of Cortazar’s roman, the artist book by Elisa Talentino is a twine of bodies and plants caught in a neverendless
blossoming. Stems, flowers, branches, seeds and roots sprouting from feminine bodies in a tangle of ethereal femininity and fertility.
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