Giulia Garbin  - TIPI DI TORINO

Giulia Garbin - TIPI DI TORINO

40 EUR
in collaboration with Archivio Tipografico
23 x 17 cm
26 pagine
ed. 300 esemplari
2 colors, linocut and movable types
Paper: Fedrigoni Materica gesso 120gr.
and Fedrigoni Materica Terra Rossa 250gr.
Illustrated stories and tales of typographers and engravers from Torino

Tipi* di Torino is a personal project by Giulia Garbin made in collaboration with Archivio Tipografico. Five tales and five typefaces describing the splendour, the decline 
and the rebirth of the letterpress and typography in Torino. A 26 page book, fully letterpress printed in 300 numbered copies, containing two-color linocut illustrations and lead movable type text compositions. 
Felice Vadda, teacher and ex-student at the Valdocco Salesian Institute; Giuseppe Brachino and Sergio Saviolo, type engravers at Nebiolo Foundry; Mr Carlino, typographer and fake aristocratic certificates forger; Enrico Tallone and his family publishing house founded in France in 1938 and then moved to Alpignano during the 60s; Graziella Marchisio, owner of the printshop of the same name, that for three generations had it’s business near the Egyptian Museum. 
This book has used movable type exclusively from Torino - designed and smelted at Nebiolo Foundry for precision. A different one has been selected for each story.

(* the Italian word ‘tipi’ means ‘dudes’, but it is also a old way to refer to movable types fonts)