25 EUR
23 x 16,5 cm
39 pages
ed. 100 copies
Five colours screenprint on 170 gr grey and
brown Fedrigoni Woodstock

Paolo Berra (Savigliano 1984, living and working in Turin) is a graphic designer, artist and printer. He specializes in screenprint and he runs his own artists studio (formerly shared with Elisa Talentino with whom he founded the
project Inamorarti). He’s also the official printer of Print About Me.
Di Natura Stupida contains 15 short tales from Scritti Letterari by Leonardo da Vinci and a corresponding number of illustrations by Paolo. The theme is human life and the prerogative of humans to consider themselves superior to nature. In Leonardo’s tales, Nature acts like a human being and gets ruined by envy, malice, jealousy, racism, pride, foolishness.These feelings do not occur in
nature. In the book the the images are deliberately placed in the exact centre of the page in order to reaffirm the idea of human (in the case the artist) superiority over nature. The binding is open to view and suggests a sense of incompleteness that detaches Di Natura Stupida from
classic glossy editions.

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