Raffaele Cesano - GIRACOLORE

Raffaele Cesano - GIRACOLORE

30 EUR
21 x 15 cm
ed. 200 copies
scatola serigrafata ad un colore, bugiardino
a loporello stampa offset, motorino elettrico 1,5volt., pennarelli Carioca

Giracolore is a color twister developed together with the toymaker Raffaele Cesano. It delivers great results and
lots of creative, engaging play. Kids and adults just switch it on to start the base spinning, giving them complete control
over the creative process.
The Giracolore includes a spinning unit; 4 markers and 250 paper disks. (You might want to save one of the disks to
use as a pattern to create additional ones when they run out. Simply trace around the outside and cut with a scissors or amat knife.)

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