Sophie Lécuyer  - À MON SOUL DÉSIR

Sophie Lécuyer - À MON SOUL DÉSIR

40 EUR
24 x 17 cm (160 cm wide open)
14 pages
ed. 100 copies
5 colours screen print on 400 gr Cordenons Schedografia

Sophie Lecuyer (Epinal 1987, Lives and works in Nancy) is a young French artist who plays with all the printing
techniques (screenprinting, engraving, monotype, lithography).
Inspired by the atmosphere of tales, her imaginary is
populated by wild animals and ‘strange’ girls. Her depictions do not represent things straightforwardly but deploy ambiguity and ambiguous endings. A Mon Seul Désir is a screenprinted book drawn by Sophie and printed by Paolo Berra during Menage a Trois, an art residency promoted by Print About Me.
The book takes its inspiration and title from a series of six medieval tapestries that represent the story of the the Lady and the Unicorn.
Sophie’s works have been exhibited in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and United States.
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